Letter of inquiry & offer

Green Trader Platform deals with coherent service of all companies, national institutions and natural persons alike. Our aim is support of investments promoting ecological-energy industry. We focus on support in terms of any issue relevant to the project’s success, no matter its size. Our actions will affect the increase of tangible ecological effect in the form of CO2 emission’s limitation and ecological production of electricity and heat as well as promotion of energy-saving housing.

Below are presented the areas in which you may implement you project under a single cash payment, monthly subscription or payment from received savings. If you are interested in a selected offer (one or many) then we kindly request to fill a short form. All the platform’s participants will be informed about the application and will begin the process of implementation of your project’s assumptions from this very moment.



Green Trader platform enables coherent  implementation of the projects. A unique, easy-to-use, integrated platform, thanks to automation of data transfer process, facilitates getting the entities interested in projects through implementation process from the moment of filling initial declarations of final acceptance.

We give you:

  • Information points responsible for providing reliable information concerning financial opportunities for a particular investment,
  • Companies dealing with coherent customer service in terms of application and settlement documentations’ preparation. We advise how to successfully implement an investment,
  • Investment service from the performance’s perspective in form of materials and equipment necessary for construction of modernisation or installation,
  • Cutting-edge renewable energy sources and energy-saving housing systems available on the spot, within a short term and affordable price,
  • Finishing works f. in. in a form of connection of any power installation to the grid,

Insurance companies securing implemented projects against material damages.

Announcement of the project’s desire is made via e-form.

While filling the form available at http://smartpl.eu/pl/zapytanie/zapytanie-ofertowe , the interested entity directs offer request related to its topic of interest. The type of project/quotation/investment is to be determined in the form and detailed information concerning implementation of f. in. number of windows to replace, size of building, number of people in household, roof area, number of lighting or bulbs to replace are to be determined.

Upon approving the form, information on the application’s acceptance will be sent to the given e-mail address. Next, project coordinators will send you the data for logging to Green Trader platform. From this moment, you will be able to supervise the project’s progress.

Participation in the structure is free and the very platform is of an organisational-legal character. We focus on long-term cooperation, reliable partnership and solution offering, which will enable the clients swift completion of installation process.