Smart City/EkoZakopane 2017


On the 26th-28th of June 2017 in Hotel Nosalowy Dwór Resort & SPA in Zakopane there will be Smart City Congress/EKOZAKOPANE.

One of the initiatives that shape this event is The First International Forum of Power Industry and Environment EKOZAKOPANE. The main topic of the Forum is "We exclude low emission". The main subject is related to the low emission reduction and air quality. A strong emphasis will be put on problems occurred in mountain areas. The topic of the air quality is very broad. Air quality management depends on numerous factors, namely, energy and fuel policy, environmental policy, development and innovation, transport, regional and local policy, including key aspects of spatial planning. This Forum is a special opportunity to meet and talk about the problems of air quality. The issues may considered from different governmental perspectives as well as from the point of view of: various ministries representatives, elected representatives on regional and local level.

Currently with The First International Forum of Energy and Environment EKOZAKOPANE there will be the next edition of the Smart City Congress. Smart City Congress is a regular event. Its main purpose is to popularize the idea of smart solutions and their importance to the development of public space and spreading information about cutting-edge technologies related to Smart City, interface between local governments and entrepreneurs, and to promote energy solutions for the environmental protection. This year's edition of the Congress is called "Smart City Congress /EKOZAKOPANE."